Twitter Tips for Businesses and Startups in #Malta

In our first post in the Social Media Series, we wrote how businesses in Malta can create and setup their own Facebook page account. Our next post in this series will show you how to setup a Twitter page for your business. Twitter is not as popular as Facebook in Malta, but it’s getting more traction with the Maltese as time passes.

Let’s start creating your new Business Twitter account. First up is to choose your @username.


Choose your @username

Your @username is your business’s unique identifier on Twitter. You can choose a @username that is memorable and representative of your business having 15 characters or less. If you already have a Facebook account, first check that your Facebook’s page name is available as @username. If not, you can always add “Malta” or “_Malta” as a suffix. In our case we chose DeepDesignMalta as it was available for both social media websites.


Choose your profile photo

After that you created your account, and chose some profiles to follow, you are presented with your page and the first thing to do is to choose your profile photo. Preferably choose the same picture that you used for your Facebook page, although it should be a bit larger since on Twitter your profile photo should be 400×400 pixels.




If your company logo is too wide, we suggest to either use part of the logo or if the logo is made up of an image and text, show the image part only. If your business has two words in the logo, you could show the words on top of each other if possible. For Deep Design, we used the same Profile Picture as our Facebook page.




Choose your Header Image

Your Header Image should be 1500×500 pixels and should be the showcase of your business. It is automatically resized to fit the page. You should promote your newly launched product, or the services that available to your clients. We suggest to always add your full logo.




For Deep Design’s Header Image, we decided to show of our new website with #FreshDesign. We are also showing the responsiveness of our new website by including different devices each having the website resized according to their size. Our logo is also shown prominently.




Add your Business BIO and URL

Finally, you should add a concise bio that describes your business, products or services. You need to tell people why your business is unique and why they should follow you. You could also add other useful information such as opening hours and location. Plus include your website’s URL to make it really easy for potential customers to find your online presence.


Now that you have created your Twitter account you need to add new content and update it regularly. We’ll show you some tips of what type of content you can add to your Twitter and Facebook pages in the next post. If you need help setting up your account or more information you can leave a comment at the bottom or say hello with an email at